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The word 'halyard' is a nautical reference to the rope used to hoist a sail - the connection being, without a halyard to hoist the sail, your boat goes nowhere...  At Halyard Productions, we take a creative project and elevate it from simply an idea or a script on a page into art and commerce which can find the audience it deserves and the rewards for those who backed the project with time, care, energy or finance


The team involved with Halyard Productions have worked in fund management, handling over £400m in specialist un-quoted funds; provided strategic consulting for top tier private equity clients who own some of the largest entertainment assets in Europe, and corporates including NBC Universal; and had active production experience on 18 feature films ranging from independents to studio feature sequels


By keeping an open mind to creative ideas, generating in house innovation, nurturing investment partners, and strategically deploying capital, Halyard Productions has and will continue to deliver exciting projects to the growing world of entertainment.  It is not our aim to go with the flow; with so much evidence that older methods of business in the media industry are no longer delivering for stake holders, we are happy to be part of, or even lead the changes


35mm film became a memory card, the VHS tape transformed into a DVD and then a download, Twitter grew from 10m to 200m users in the time it took to film the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  The media industry, especially film and TV, has never stood still for long, so Halyard Productions uses its independence and industry connections to participate and shape new business models such as self-distribution, production-to-cinema links and vertical finance structures to name a few.  For more detail please read our Media Finance>Investors page


Halyard Productions was founded in 2007 by Ross Bryan after several years of studying the entertainment and media industry in corporate roles and on film and TV sets between 2001 and 2007.  Ross graduated from Cambridge in 2001 and started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a strategic consultant where the role required analysis of companies and markets for private equity clients.  Applying these core skills when observing facets of the media industry, it appeared that there were numerous opportunities to improve or materially change 'business as usual', which inspired the formation of the company.  These enhancements ranged from efficiencies in film production, better financial structuring, alternative approaches to distribution and marketing, and the involvement of charitable and environmental practices in media companies.  These attributes remain at the heart of what makes Halyard Productions unique and form the foundations of how we intend to deliver the current Production Slate of new projects.  The banking collapse of the late Noughties provided an opportunity for Ross to work for award winning fund manager, Octopus Investments, and further hone his skills as a fund manager.  Armed with a greater appreciation for the institutional approach to the media industry and handling large numbers of retail investors and tax relief prducts such as EIS, Ross left Octopus and returned to the helm of Halyard Productions full time in 2012

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