No Half Measures

  • High drama, reality TV show
  • Logline: Point Break meets Ocean’s Eleven, wrapped up in a ground breaking reality TV concept...a group of friends execute thrilling heists to fund their passion for adventure, travel and extreme sports
  • Budget: TBC
  • Script status: in drafting
  • Concept: Blending professional drama into our reality concept.  A core professional cast is chosen as usual, to deliver the scripted story.  Pictures of the club revellers, hotel guests etc are taken from our reality hidden camera footage and posted on the NHM website with an invitation to a casting for a role in the series.  The producers fill supporting cast roles from these castings – making the dream come true, maybe finding the next star.  The show hangs together as the cast follow their script, working with new talent found by the show, and using real footage captured in the venues – be it girls celebrating with champagne by a hotel pool, friends relaxing with a coffee or a fight over a pool table! 
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